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Trading On A Full Range Of Oil & Gas Commodities


Petrolius is privately-owned, engaged in the business of energy trading and has global market coverage through its network of affiliates and agencies in Middle East.

We are capable of managing in-house; every aspect of trading including trade negotiations, structured financing and risk management, physical movement of cargoes and storage.
Petrolius currently engages in trade, in its own right as principal, and in joint venture collaborations with strategic partners.


The worldwide physical trading of refined oil products, premium gasoline, gas, diesel oil, jet fuel, crude oil, fuel oil, liquid oil and additive substances; loading, unloading, storing and establishing filling facility.

Petrolius clients and counter party list includes most of the recognized participants in the oil and energy industries. The trading book is funded in association with a limited number of first-class international banks.

Petrolius concentrates on sales of distillates, fuel oil and it also trades gasoline and other refined products and has developed interests and opportunities beyond its core business as an oil trader.

Petrolius is, in essence, a specialized niche energy trading company and a provider of associated services.

With our partnerships in Middle East Refineries we offer turn key solutions for trading, oil processing and shipping direct to the client using our affiliated shipping companies.

API World Tower, 1802, 18th floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center First, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 546 1995
Sun-Thur: 8am – 5pm

Our people and expertise

Petrolius has a team with a long track record of working together, our team combines diverse capabilities and deep insight into the energy markets, offering tailor-made solutions across the whole spectrum of the supply chain.

We keep very close track of the price trends in the oil market along with credit flows and macroeconomic and political developments. With a high degree of adjust-ability, we seek to identify market opportunities in a volatile environment or shy away from sectors with deteriorating prospects.

We are rigorously committed to operational, market and financial risk management. Our understanding of the energy markets lets us implement robust hedging strategies, through the conducting of thorough due diligence and the utilization of a full range of cleared and OTC instruments, insurance, readily available funding, among others. The aim is to insulate ourselves and our clients to the highest degree possible from the volatile external market movements.


We scan the horizon as visionary believers by joining external partner’s visions and beliefs with ours, setting the bar high of improving country’s well-being and prosperity with high-quality products and services, for the advantage of its communities and future generations.

With an extensive knowhow of international and local relationship building in various sectors and regions across the globe, we have over the past years become determined on developing projects that would benefit and improve the country’s environmental status, commercial and infrastructural channels and systems, in which serves its community in progression towards knowledge, quality and success. Being innovative and result-driven, focused on achieving exceptional results in new emerging markets, we have a firm mindset of developing quality and knowledge with the beliefs of becoming second to none in products and services improving the lifestyles offered to each region. In other words, we build partnership with key business decision makers, in highly competitive environments that demands continues improvement.

Petrolius Petroleum LLC
API World Tower, 1802, 18th floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center First, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 546 1995


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