OUR HISTORYThe Story Of Our Success


7th February 1974

The Day it Started

An Australian based company gets born and goes through several merges with various companies through out the world wide during this period of time to keep it short. Being successful in the market for over four decades, the founders and directors retires to hand over the relay of a extremely solid foundation and base to the new young generation.


24th may 2017

The Hand Over

The full concept, base, foundation and structure gets handed over for the new generation to level up with its base in Middle East.

02nd june 2017

Approach to UAE’s largest oil producer

The concept gets introduced to one of the largest oil producer of the Middle East. Shortly thereafter registration process gets started.


26th august 2018

Enlisted as Approved client

The mother company gets approved by the oil producer.


11th november 2019

Meeting at HQ

A meeting with at the HQ of the Oil Producer, its decided to start a local entity with local banking. Process starts immediately.

04th december 2019

DMCC company is formated

Local entity with local bank establishment is formed.


02 february 2020


Due to corona, no commitments nor trading was able to take place with the new formed company and its management. It’s internally decided to ride out the terrible wave.

12 october 2020

JV discussions and restruction

After a terrible year due to global pandemic; COVID-19, we became wiser and learned a very valuable lesson. Looking forward towards the future, we decide to get into a JV and a great restructure and formation is taking place.

04 november 2020

New Management elected

After intense re-structure and reformation, new management, new base and new strategy is formed to encounter the future.

26 november 2020

New company formation

From previous JV-discussions, the name Petrolius is born and formal process of its back-bone is started with a aggressive strategy.

Petrolius Petroleum LLC
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