Chairman’s Statement
Petrolius Petroleum LLC enters into a new phase in our history as we bring on greater supply lines through our strong network of partners in the middle-east to enhance our reputation of servicing customers across the globe with their energy needs.

We firmly believe that Petrolius Petroleum LLC is strategically placed to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us and that we have the capability of managing the planned growth without compromising quality of service and delivery.

In an industry that thrives on product conformity and automation, we believe that the real differentiating factor that enables us to build long term business relationships and increase our clients base, is based on our personal relationships with both our suppliers and our customers.

This is not just achieved through our pricing and execution – but comes down to trust. Our team understands that a business relationship must be based on trust.

Working with the most reliable and well-established suppliers and partners in the industry, we are expecting a strong and steady growth for the years to come.



Petrolius Petroleum LLC
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Petrolius Petroleum LLC.

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